Thursday, 5 December 2013

How good are Early Development programs for kids?

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As soon as a child is born, parents start dreaming of giving her the best possible education. We all dream of making our children superhuman type of creatures which no human is born to be like. The gulping of this reality takes time and as soon as parents realize this, they just wait for the kids to grow up and be what they want to. I don't know how many of them do this but I am one of those parents
One thing which I did good in the process of making my daughter the smartest and  the most intelligent kid around was to enroll her in the early childhood development program which can also be called  early childhood education program. The program which focused at making children learn through gym, fun and music was so entertaining and learning experience for not only my daughter but also me. I got acquainted with many techniques of making children learn which I didn't know before. I learnt so many poems which would make my daughter smile. Moreover, it had activities like swimming,  computer class and baby chef.

I got to know the different techniques of teaching children. I saw my daughter taking her first swimming class and her first music class. The joy was beyond words. It had not been possible for me to teach her all this at home. Moreover, the essential involvement of mothers in the program made it easier to grasp the early concepts for toddlers as they were spared from the anxiety of being alone. I noticed a rising confidence in her as she was introduced to the concept of peer interaction at 2.2 years of age. I learnt that mothers play a pivotal role in shaping the kids' personality by staying happy and supportive of kids in whatever their toddlers do all day long. I came to know about the time-out technique through the early childhood development program. I learnt that toddlers have a great capacity to absorb new concepts in their tiny minds.
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In a nutshell, early childhood development program told me that learning should be done in a light and fun-filled style rather than the conventional learning style(which we mostly adopt in our homes).According to, the brain of 3 years old child is two times active than an adult and that is why schools are nowadays more focusing on interactive activities as they encourage brain development.
I believe that behind the confident and cheerful personality of my kid lies the early childhood development program in which I enrolled her. That is also the reason why my daughter started her school with no-crying sessions. I have become a fan of early childhood development programs since then.