Sunday, 2 February 2014

Sofia the first: A royal mess...morality lesson taught through fun

As your kids grow up, they teach you those things which you are oblivious of. Few days back while I was downloading my songs, my daughter asked me to download Sofia the first's song and I obviously having no clue of it asked her, " Who is Sofia the first?"Then she told me that Sofia is a princess who was first an ordinary girl but then her life changed and she became a princess. My daughter saw one of the episodes of it on Disney Channel with her cousins so that is how she became acquainted with Sofia.

I thought of watching one of the episodes with my five year old daughter so bought DVD of one of its episodes ,"A Royal Mess" . The whole concept of this animated series is so cute that I at once fell in love with it. The title song is so pleasing that you find yourself trying to catch the tune. Sofia is a pleasant seven year old girl who is princess yet a girl with all the qualities you want in your child.

" A Royal Mess "is a fun- filled musical episode with a pivotal lesson of honesty. Children are taught that how a simple lie can trap them in an endless series of problems. The lesson of honesty is beautifully conveyed in the episode. James, Sofia's step-brother, accidentally breaks a glass window having a beautiful family portrait on it which his father had to show to her mother to surprise her. All three of the siblings want to go the Golden Wing Circus but now their chance of going is endangered and so they try to hide James' mistake by lying.    

I would definitely recommend it for 4- 7 year old kids. Animation, beautiful castle with beautiful characters, songs and above all a morality lesson...a must watch for your kid!