Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Success and Failure!

Photo courtesy: freedigitalphotos.net

World Cup fever came and is gone in just two games!We, Pakistanis, follow one sport keenly and that is cricket . No other game is as popular as cricket in our subcontinent region. World Cup 2015 glued everybody to their television screens here but the hope and the passion is all gone in the opening two games.

The first match against India even attracted the children. My six year old was as enthusiastic as any grown up to wake up at 7 am on Sunday to watch the match. But everyone's hopes were dashed to ground. But then it's just a game and failures teach you something that success can't . Infact failures pave the way towards your success but you have to stay steady in achieving your goal.

I always tell my daughter that sometimes rewards don't matter but effort matters. You always have to keep working hard to achieve your goal. I remember when I was in seventh grade and I was not selected in a debate competition that I so much wanted to participate in. I knew I had worked hard but I was not selected. I took it as a challenge and went straight to a teacher who was selected singers who could sing patriotic songs in the break. I got selected and went to the same debate competition ; obviously not for a debate but for a song. But the point is I thought of going to the contest and made it happen.Sometimes you do have to alter the path to achieve the same goal.

When you look at life, life is so full of stories that you only need to ponder on in order to make your children learn from your experience. So Happy thinking!:)

Friday, 20 February 2015

Lovely weather of Lahore

Nowadays Lahore is having a wonderful weather. February and March are probably the best months here in Lahore. As the winter season's intensity lessens , there comes a pleasant change in the whole atmosphere. Last week there was a hailstorm  here and when it happens, everyone associates it with snow and comes out to see it. Then there were two days of rain followed by a gentle breeze and everyone enjoyed the pleasant weather.Happiness is in these small things.The spring is coming ; infact it has come and everyone prepares for it by bringing flower pots from the plant nurseries. Then there are flower competitions, spring carnivals and summer lawn exhibitions. There is exuberance everywhere.

We also brought some flower pots to our home in order to welcome the advent of spring!:)

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Valentines day

Happy valentines day!
My husband and I don't believe much in celebrating valentines day while pouring out all your money from your pocket but wishing each other and celebrating a little don't do much harm. Life is incomplete without little happy moments.
My daughter has turned six year and so has started writing sentences . The sweetest gift we got from her today was a card with a note saying I love you mom and dad; you are my whole world. This is the cutest gift you can get as a parent.

On every valentines day since our daughter turned 3, we take her out with us on valentines day as this day is not only for couples but also for families as love has to be there in any family. This all comes from me while sitting in hospital's waiting area for my daughter's regular check up.
Wishing everyone a lovely day filled with all the happiness ,love and care.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

So the sales are on!

Pretty Girl Shopping Stock Image

As the winter season bades good bye and spring begins to spread its colours, the clothing and shoe brands also welcome the spring season with winter sales. The moment you come on any thoroughfare,the first thing you see is huge billboards announcing the season sales. The good thing about sales is that you get branded clothes at discounted prices but the bad thing is that, there are chances your friends have have worn the same designs before the sales began. But still, I like sales. You can always buy items like jeans, shoes and socks.

 Brands for Kids:
The sale I like the best is Next sale. Since I have become a mom, I have started spending more on my daughter and that this is what happens in sales too. I like the Next sale because it starts from 40 percent off and then goes till 70 percent. I love buying shirts and sweaters for my daughter from Next as their clothes are not only comfortable but also long lasting and trendy.

This year also as soon as I got their sms regarding sales, I rushed to the store. There were long queues inside the store and the kids' section was more crowded as everybody wanted to get kids' clothes and shoes at discounted prices.

Amongst the local brands for kids, I prefer buying jeans from Bareeze's Leisure Club for my
daughter. I also like kids' trousers and jeans at Outfitters ; they are comfortable and affordable too.Talking about kids' traditional dresses for wedding, Minnie Minors is the best. Their quality is good and the material also makes the child comfortable unlike the dresses that cause itchiness.

 Brands for Ladies: 
Amongst the brands for ladies there are so many : both local and international. Infact our local market for clothes and shoes has progressed so well that one really feels bewildered as what to buy and what to not. My favourite brands amongst the unstitched suits are Khaadi and Alkaram. Amongst the stitched ones, I prefer buying from Junaid Jamshed stores. Threads and Motifs is of course another name that ensures quality and comfort for customers: I  like their unstitched embroidered suits.
 Bags and Shoes:
Comings to bags, Charles and Keiths plus Mango are my favourites. For shoes, I think as far as my choice is concerned, nothing matches Charles and Keith.

Albeit sales look very attractive and you feel like buying everything, but one should hold money for the fresh arrivals too as you need not spend everything on the old designs.