Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Everything becomes frozen!

For my six year old daughter, every toy and stationary item seems to have a frozen edition and it is evident  when you look at her room. From her erasers to her lunch box  and from her hair accessories to her party dresses, everything is under the influence of Frozen's Elsa and Anna.So much so that even her floor mat has Anna and Elsa on it.

Even the board games and puzzles should also have a frozen edition and I guess, this is story of every other home having a 3-10 year old daughter who is mesmerised by the Frozen characters.Even the walls and cupboards of my daughter's room are adorned with Frozen's stickers. Such is the impact of this movie that kids want everything of theirs to have some correlation with the movie. Recently we went to watch the movie ,"Cinderella" only because it had a small portion known as "Frozen Fever"!.

Now the next item on my daughter's wish list is a Frozen school bag and I have promised her that for new school year . That's why I have started looking for a good quality Frozen school bag from now onwards as my six year old wants a good quality spacious Frozen school bag!