Saturday, 11 April 2015

Cinderella... Review ... Part 2

Now coming to the main film, Cinderella; for kids it's absolutely charming. As an adult, I didn't find that amazing;may be it was because we knew the end. But one thing was certain;we were there at the cinema for our six year old as we hardly take her to cinema with us and it was probably her third visit to cinema and she enjoyed the most!
                                                            Image courtesy:Disney
Cinderella according to a six year old:
I asked my daughter after the movie that which part you loved the most : her answer was Cinderella as Frozen Fever was too short. According to her , the story was good because it was different as  they showed her parents but the best part was only before her parents died. Of course for small kids, digesting the concept of death and that too of one's parents is very difficult.
Moreover, she told me that the fairy godmother was not that pretty! That was also shocking for me but from a six year old, you can expect anything as children at this age are innocent and pretty clear about their thoughts .I guess it was because the fairy god mother before her transformation was shown as an old lady in rags and that image is of course unacceptable to kids mainly because they want the sparkling fairy god mother to be gorgeous while doing Abra ca Dabra. She said that fairy godmother in the story book was more beautiful.
One thing my daughter absolutely loved about the movie was its song i.e Lavender's blue , dilly dilly.
I also loved listening to the melodious song.

                                                        Image courtesy: Disney
My thoughts:
I enjoyed the movie but not as much as I had thought I would. Cinderella's connection with her parents was a beautiful aspect of the movie. Her mother's advice, her  father's love and her strong
bonding with both of them is impeccably captured.
One thing which I must say is that costumes in the movie are ravishing. Cinderella's looks resplendent in her bewitching blue ball gown. The costumes of the step mother and step sisters are equally dazzling.Step mother looks elegant yet cruel and that is due to the brilliant acting of Cate Blanchett. I really loved her acting and so did my six year old.

Though my husband accompanied us to the movie but he was indifferent as Cinderella is all about girls but thankfully, he chose to come with us and watch the entire movie with us instead of going for Furious 6.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Review: Cinderella and Frozen Fever... Part one

Last week we went to watch Cinderella and it was on mere insistance of my daughter according to whom all her friends had watched Cinderella and Frozen fever except her.So my daughter all set on her recliner to watch the movie kept on asking me when will the movie start as we went 10 minutes before the movie time.
                                                        Image courtesy: Disney

Finally the movie started with the birthday celebrations of Anna. Frozen's Fever's main topic is Anna's Birthday and Disney has utilised the idea perfectly as  all kids are crazy about birthdays.Then the new dresses of Elsa and Anna are sure to make your little girls demand those dresses as my daughter has already made her request to buy her the new Elsa dress. Since the time Frozen was released, almost every little girl wanted Elsa's dress and accessories for her birthday.Frozen's cakes also became very popular.This of course would be another bonus for Disney as little girls would be buying more of Anna and Elsa's new dresses plus dolls with new dresses.
                                                         Image courtesy: Disney

The animation no doubt is beautiful!The snowballs that were formed after every sneeze of Elsa looked so cute. The song,"Making today a perfect today" is also sweet to listen. In short, it is short in length, probably not as long as kids wanted but it's enough for the film makers to draw profits as many girls only went to watch Cinderella due to Frozen Fever.Albeit Cinderella has it's own charm but for little girls aged 3-10, everything has to have a "Frozen"aspect in it. Although I felt while watching  it that what was the use of making such a short film but for little girls, even a shorter version is more than welcome.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Do the buildings, age and area of institutions matter?

I never seriously pondered on this question unless I did my graduation and applied for post graduation program. I applied in almost 4 universities for MBA and also for Masters in English Literature as I had English Literature as one of the majors during my graduation. By the grace of Allah Almighty, I got admission in all 4 universities i.e Bahria university Islamabad,  Nust Rawalpindi, Punjab University Lahore and Government College University Lahore.

My parents and I sat together to discuss the best option and then after much pondering, I decided it had to be Government College University Lahore.Candidly, on my part, the main reason was its beautiful large campus , its reputation and lush green grounds. You really feel like you are in a university when you step inside its gate. Moreover, it has such a rich history.GCU was built in 1864 and it has produced some of the prominent names of our country like the great Allama Iqbal and nobel prize winner Dr Abdul Salam.

GCU tower and its building mesmerised me and I realized that I have to study there no matter what. The grandeur and the rich culture of the university infatuated me. Such is the impact of old and beautiful institutions that it is difficult for any modern new institution to surpass them.

Now when I had to select a suitable school for my six year old daughter ( having completed her preschool) , I knew I had to select a reliable well established school with a big building because kids apart from academics need playgrounds and swimming pools for excursion. I do believe that big schools give students a psychological edge too as they learn to thrive in greater competition as big schools usually have a large number of students plus large faculty in addition to a variety of extra curricular activities.