Saturday, 11 June 2016

Ramazan Mubarik! A month of Festivity, Patience and Kindness

Ramazan, the holy month is here . It is  my favourite month of the year. Infact, it is favourite month of almost all the Muslims  around the world. The reason being its significance , the  purity of soul one feels after  fasting the whole day and the rewards Muslims are promised by Allah for keeping the fasts .

Fast is not only prohibition from eating but it is actually  respecting others feelings too and making sure that no one gets  offended from you: in other words one has to  stay away from use of foul language or misbehaviour with anyone. In  Ramazan, the well-offs of the society have to pay 2.5 percent of their wealth to the needy or the poor . The whole 30 days of Ramazan are celebration: offices are shut down early so that everyone can say their prayers in mosque and avail the most of this month. In the last days of Ramazan, markets are thronged with people for the celebration of Eid which occurs after Ramazan and it is a gift from Allah to its people for displaying patience , kindness and empathy the whole month.

Though fasting is compulsory for all Muslims yet Allah is very kind to exempt elderly, sick, travellers , nursing and expecting mothers from fasting . As I am a mother of an infant too so this time I won't be fasting but I have to make up later  and of course I have to give food to a needy person for the month of Ramazan. Sehri ( the  time before dawn when we eat before keeping fast) and Aftar ( when we break fasts) are favourite time of my seven year old daughter. Obviously she doesn't fast as she is a kid but she loves breaking the fast with everybody as the dining table is full of items like dates, samosas, fruit chaat, sandwiches and dhoodh soda ( milk plus 7up).Then after  that , she offers prayers by herself and that is the most lovely part. Whenever she gets rude to anybody. I say it's Ramazan time and she cools down. What a blessed month it is!

Happy Ramazan everybody!:)