Saturday, 30 November 2013

Kind of Books your 5 year old kid should have!

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Since my childhood, I believed books to be assets and I still believe that. I remember the first political book I read was from my father's trunk and the book's name was "In the Arena" by Richard Nixon. I simply loved the book as it gave me an insight into the past world events. As a child, I used to go with my father  to library to borrow books. My mom also played an integral part by bringing small books for us (me and my siblings) when she went out for grocery shopping.
Believe me! I bought first book for my baby when she was not even six months old. Then books came coming in and today when she is five, everywhere I can see in her room are books. Even the toy box is inundated with books. As my husband is also fond of books, it seems that our love for books has been transferred into our daughter.
Now what I have done is that I have categorized books by putting them in separate drawers. I thought that it would also give me an idea about what kind of books my daughter should read out of her collection everyday. Following are the categories and this is also my list of must haves for your five year old girl!
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  • Dora story books and Sesame Street story books (Related to favorite cartoons)
I have written Dora because it is my daughter's favorites cartoon character. You can choose books related to your child's favorite character but make sure he learns something out of them. Dora the explorer's books of different levels are available in the market and you can select  books according to your child's age. I have found a great deal of improvement in my daughter's vocabulary after I started reading to her these story books. The beautiful pictures even take me to the adventurous world of Dora and Boots.

Sale Dora the Explorer I Love My Papi! BookSale Dora the Explorer Super Babies' Dream Adventure Book
I love Sesame Street concept as it promotes different people belonging to different genres of society bonding so well.

While Dora books tell us more about Dora, her friends and family; Sesame Street talks more about the larger group settings. Sesame street story books also teach children a lot of new experimental things.
My little one also loves stories related to Barbie.
  • Moral story books
Morality based story books promoting good manners,honesty , selflessness, and brotherhood also play a pivotal part in children's lives.

  • Fairy Tales
And who can forget fairy tales taking us to the enchanted world of Rapunzel,Snow white and Cinderella . These are all time little girls' favorites.
  • Colouring books and activity books
Five year olds are no doubt little kids who love coloring, painting and solving puzzles. Activity books that engage them in counting, joining alphabets to make new words and colouring  are best for kids at this age.
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  • Books related to study: writing books
Of course study time has to be there. Apart from school books, kids should have different writing books at home so as to give them a free area to explore their learning abilities.

No matter how much you spend on kids clothes or their recreation, spending on their books guarantee a knowledgeable future tomorrow!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Vitamin D Deficiency in Kids

In today's modern world replete with luxuries of life, most of us seldom find time to sit in the sun rather we have been so well acquainted with this lifestyle that we don't want to relinquish it. Our new generation  prefer playing x-box rather than playing badminton or tennis in the sun. Albeit there are some health conscious people around us even now but candidly, they can be counted on fingers.

We are faced today with diseases which are as a result of our own lazy habits. Vitamin D deficiency is a very common occurrence today especially in Asian countries which is a surprising thing. I call it surprising because Allah Almighty has blessed us with beautiful seasons all year long. We have a long summer season and we can get as much Vitamin D as we want to do but we stay indoors and keep our children too caged in their rooms which we think is right so as to save themselves from the scorching heat but we forget in the process that playing outside for some time is very important for them. It doesn't have to be in blazing sun; they can even  play in the late afternoon. Vitamin D is essential in order to absorb calcium for our bones from blood.

We as parents have a responsibility to note our child since he starts walking. If one feels that the gait is not right, immediately see a doctor because God Forbid, if Vitamin D deficiency is not treated at an early age, its acute deficiency can lead to rickets. Sometimes even when your child (according to you) is getting enough sunshine or best quality fortified milk ,she can have vitamin D deficiency because you never know she is getting enough or not. So never rely on your assumptions. Make sure she gets her daily intake of vitamin D and calcium.
Main dietary sources of vitamin  are sunshine, fortified milk (cheese and yogurt), fortified orange juice, eggs, salmon fish and cod-liver oil. My grandma used to give cod-liver oil to her kids when they were kids and none of the six has any vitamin d deficiency. Good food definitely leads to a healthy tomorrow!
 Give ample time to your kids and that doesn't mean sitting with them while he is playing and you are watching your favorite soap. It means taking note of their each and every need be it mental or physical because you don't want to repent whole life thinking that you didn't nurture you child in the best possible way.
Make sure she eats well, plays well and sleeps well.