Thursday, 9 January 2014

Monsters University...A Perfect Movie for You and Your Kids!

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                               Photo courtesy: Walt Disney

Recently my daughter complained to me that I seldom watch cartoons or any children movies with her. So I took her to a dvd shop and bought some children movies keeping in mind her choice and age. Though Disney's Monsters University is a 2013 release yet I hadn't watched it so I bought the dvd and decided to watch it with my preschooler.

I inserted the disc in my laptop; my daughter of course was very excited as we were going to watch first movie together and I was happy to see my daughter happy. As it is an animated comedy movie so I expected it to be exhilarating. But little did I know that it was a real fun movie with all the important lessons you want your children to learn. Moreover, the way my daughter was keen to grasp the lessons and to understand what the characters were saying really amazed me.

  • Mike Wazowski (the main character)'s urge to become one of the best scarers depicts that one should never lose hope no matter what happens. 
  • Sullivan 's (the monster whose father was a well-known scarer ) character communicates the fact that one has to work hard irrespective of his roots to make his mark.
  • Competing with a positive will, determination and through honest means is shown beautifully in the movie.
  • The power of good friendship and team work is also one of the pivotal messages conveyed in the movie. 
There are so many lessons to learn which are so close to real life. The whole focus of the movie is on hard work which can change anything. Moreover, the fact that knowledge never goes wasted is also another strong point of the movie.

Most importantly, my daughter  loved the movie and I loved it too!