Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Trying to Help Your Kid in Having a Sound and Healthy Sleep??

Cute Girl Sleeping On A White Bed Stock Photo

So your child is a preschooler and you are still having problems in  getting her to bed at a proper time and in making sure that she doesn't wake up at midnight while crying for some pain ( as do most growing children suffer from pain in their bones or pain owing to urinary tract infection) and so doesn't have whining sessions in the morning! Here are some tips which would definitely work in helping your kid have a healthy sleep : a sleep which fulfills the rest requirements of a child so that he feels refreshed when he wakes up.

  • First of all, make sure he is not hungry. He must have a warm glass of milk before sleeping.
  • He must be in a comfortable night suit. Most of the children feel cranky because the material of the night suit causes itching. I prefer 100% cotton for kids' night suits. It all depends on your kid's skin type.
  • Make sure your kid drinks the required amount of water because many children often complaint at night of pain which occurs due to UTI.
  • If he has unstoppable cough sessions at night, they might be causing sleep disruptions so apart from giving him medicines (if it is winter season), you should use humidifiers. Moreover, rubbing your kid's chest and back with vicks vaporub really helps. Before putting him to sleep, you can also give him one teaspoon of honey mixed in half teaspoon of lukewarm water.
  • Massaging your kid's legs and feet with olive oil would also help in having him a sound sleep.
  • A light session with your kid (involving him in questions like did he enjoy in school today?singing some rhymes together and reading to him a bed time story) really helps in getting him a sound state of mind essential for a healthy sleep.