Thursday, 5 December 2013

Am I a modern mother?

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As I am a house-wife, so I regularly go to pick my daughter and drop her off at preschool. Mostly moms come all dressed up to pick their children from the school. Sometimes it does look like a fashion parade with the hair and make up neatly done. But it is also good as it's everybody right to look smart and especially housewives' right as they spend all day doing house chores. But if your daughter asks you to wear modern clothes, look modern and be a working mom, it means either there is something wrong with you or something wrong with your child's thinking. It can also mean that there is nothing wrong with both of you :may be thinking at both ages vary.

I always thought that being a modern parent is inculcating modern values and concepts in your child's mind by making him learn through new methods. To me, modern means being friendly with your child so that he is always comfortable talking to you on any topic. I am a staunch believer of the fact that your buying something expensive for you is not as pivotal is buying kid's toy or book of his choice. Many would disagree with me but still it is my philosophy.  It is because you are at an age where things don't mean a lot to you as they mean them to children. If you buy kids their favorite things, a stage will come where they will automatically be fed up of things and there they will realize that human values are more important than things. I am definitely not in favor of bombarding kids with toys but sometimes they need to be treated special so as to enjoy their childhood.
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To my surprise, my daughter recently changed this definition for me. For her modern means wearing nice clothes , stylish shoes with the best make up and hairdo. At first, I was astonished as I considered myself up to date. But later I thought what is wrong if my daughter wants to see her mom as the most well dressed mom. My daughter wants me to cook the best cake, the best pasta and the best fries. As we want our kids to look and be best, our children also want that. If we want our children to respect our opinion, we should also respect our kids' opinion.

And I definitely respect my five year old daughter's opinion and am trying my level best to be a mom she wants me to be. In other words a modern mom !:)