Monday, 2 December 2013

Making Cute Little Wall Hangings for your home!

Indoor Home Furnish Stock Image

I was in grade 6 when I learnt the art of embroidery from my teacher. And from then, embroidery became my favorite pastime.  What I love about embroidery is that you can make any simple piece of cloth look beautiful. I mean what is more satisfying than making an art piece of your choice which you can also display in the form of wall hangings, pillow covers, bed covers, table cloths and what not. Doing embroidery doesn't mean necessarily making something big ; a piece of art has to be beautiful regardless of its size.

I love chain stitch, cross stitch and blanket stitch as they are so easy to do and cute  beautiful wall hangings can be made from them which don't consume all of your time. And the feeling is amazing when you find your hand art adorning the empty wall. Moreover, sometimes you don't get stuff of your choice from the market to fill in the emptiness of walls so you can just make your own designed art through embroidery and can get it framed for a more polished look.