Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Rebonding..Good for your hair?

Customer In A Hair Salon Stock Photo

In the last two and a half years, I opted twice for rebonding. The reason being my otherwise dry and frizzy hair. I really hated ironing my hair two hours before going to some party or a function. And if some day, I couldn't straighten owing to lack of time, my hair looked miserable. And believe me! no matter how nicely your make up is done, it won't good look as long as you don't have immaculate hair. Ever wonder why people around the world are paying so much attention to the hairstyles? why everyone goes ga-ga over Kate Middleton's changing hairstyles? The reason is that your hairstyle defines your whole personality. Some people really follow celebrities' hairstyles but everyone has a different face shape and one has to see which hairstyle would look on that face shape.

Rebonding or hair straightening  is a chemical process which involves restructuring the hair by breaking the bonds. It takes four to five hours and it permanently straightens your hair for a period of six to twelve months. I am personally in favor of rebonding for people who have unmanageable hair. It really eases your life by freeing yourself from the hectic task of straightening your hair each time you have to go out. My life has certainly become a lot easier, that is why I went for rebonding the second time. Now whenever I have to go to some function ,I know that I have only to style my daughter's hair because combing my rebounded hair would hardly take a minute.

Some people say that rebonding causes a lot of hair damage. In my opinion, if you take the right diet and oil your hair regularly, it wont damage your hair. But still, everyone's hair is different. Some hair types quickly adjust to this process and some simply don't. The choice is yours, but in my case, I would say I really have become a fan of rebonding.