Thursday, 26 December 2013

Trench Coats...My favorite for winters!

Two years back my husband brought a trench coat for my daughter from Zara which I completely adore. Burberry trench coats are also a favorite among many parents (for them and their kids). Trench coats are an alternative to the heavy coats which are difficult for children to wear for a comparatively long period of time. My daughter has a warm overcoat  which she hates to wear. Trench coats have the following plus points:
  • They are light to wear
  • Children  look smart by wearing them.

There is one negative point about which I don't bother but still
  • Trench coats themselves can't protect children from chilly winds of winter so make sure children wear three layered clothes below them so as to keep them warm.

Trench coats in beige color look nice on any child. Complementing trench coat with a pair of jeans or tights and long shoes, your little one is surely going to look like a super star all prepared for the winter.