Thursday, 5 December 2013

Vacation Shopping...Is It Fun?

So you are on your long awaited vacation replete with endless fun and relaxed state of mind. But wait! have you forgotten about the shopping for you and your loved ones back home? Shopping is for sure going to consume many hours. As soon as you think this, you start looking for souvenirs whenever you pass by any nice market. And of course, you have to get your kids something every time you buy a gift for some other kid in the family.

Some people really enjoy vacation shopping and I was one of those people. But priorities do change after having kids. When you know that you have a baby in the pram or a toddler with you or even a bigger kid, she is not going to spare you while shopping. Obviously, you don't want to listen from your kid that you have money for others but not for her.

We, ladies are strange in some ways. We love to go on a shopping spree but when this becomes an obligation rather than fun, then we start hating it.

In the past, (on a holiday) when I saw something which I knew somebody in my family would simply adore , I immediately bought it thinking that we might not get this thing during the rest of our tour and as a result, I had  plethora of things at the end of tour which were difficult to carry. But now I have learnt to plan everything accordingly.

Six months back,  my husband and I went on a two weeks vacation with our lovely daughter. The good thing I did this time was to make a list of my relatives' names with the list of things we would buy for everyone and the budget which would be allocated to shopping. Doing this made our life easier by making us clear of what percent of the money would be left for our own shopping. This also saved our time as we already knew what kind of things we would be buying and this also made shopping fun. We enjoyed eating, travelling and also shopping!!