Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Year and its Resolutions!!


So the first day of year 2014 has passed with huge celebrations around the world. Unlike the past years, my first day of year was passed without the start of a new diary. For many years, I had been writing diary not continuously but every first month of the new year, I always promised myself new resolutions. Some were met and some not.

But time teaches us many things. One is that we must be thankful to God Almighty for whatever we are getting. Always whining of the things we are not getting not only make us sad but also set our loved ones in a pensive mood.Setting resolutions is good but considering them to be your sole purpose is wrong. Secondly, we must take things as they come. Dreaming big and doing nothing don't guarantee the fulfillment of your resolutions.

One thing which I like about the new  year festivities is that everybody gets excited to be given another opportunity to make their dreams come true. A new year symbolize a new beginning. Cakes, fireworks and happiness all around welcome the new year.

This year I hope to become a better person in terms of wife, mother, daughter and be respectful to all the lovely relations I have around me. Moreover, I hope I can implement the
"Who moved my cheese? " philosophy in my life and be happy with whatever blessings I have!