Friday, 28 February 2014

Spring and it's festivals!

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It's spring time and the advent of spring season brings many things along with it especially in Pakistan. There are spring festivals all around. End of February and March is inundated with invitations of spring festivals from different places. Few years back, spring was synonymous with Basant festival in Lahore but now spring festivals and more importantly, the sports day in your kids' schools act as an announcement of spring season  and that's why as soon as February comes to an end, you know that your kid's sports day is about to come. Recently, there was Sindh Festival in Mohenjodaro and now in Lahore, youth festival along with Jashan-e- Baharan is taking place. So spring is the most desirable season for all the outdoor and sports related activities.

The Spring festivals generally have many things in common: jumping castles, face painting, food stalls and games for kids. They are more of kids' festivals than spring festivals but as long as kids stay happy, parents are contented. Food stalls offer various items for food junkies. But more importantly, these festivals spread happiness and give a chance to people to enjoy outdoor with their families while enjoying the pretty sunshine of spring. Then there are beautiful flower exhibitions and flower competitions in which you get to see beautiful flowers all around.

Another thing which one finds on the beautiful roads of Lahore are the amazing billboards promoting different lawn brands. Lawn business has just got viral and I guess, that's very good. Now you find so many good lawn brands having superior quality that you feel confused while choosing few lawn suits among plethora of lawn brands available in the market. Then there are lawn exhibitions and ladies are super busy during this period as everyone wants to grab the best lawn dress available in the market before it gets short.Many ladies nowadays do online research for the prints available in the market before finally deciding which one to buy. Stitched lawn suits are as popular as the unstitched lawn suits. My top favourites are Sana Safinaz, Junaid Jamshed , Khaadi, Nishat Linen and Kayseria. The most interesting and beautiful advertising campaign is by J. Junaid Jamshed in which without a single model, the Ghalib's beautiful lines do all the magic

Lahore canal mela is also another amazing celebration of spring in which Lahore canal is beautifully decorated with mobile floats It is good to see people all around enjoying the festivity as then we all have to endure the long scorching summers which now continue almost till mid November.