Saturday, 29 March 2014

Mother Daughter Relationship...Beautiful aspect of Motherhood!

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A mother daughter relationship starts from the day a mom-to-be starts buying pretty frocks for her baby girl. It takes a new turn when that baby girl actually comes into your life. The whole world turns pink for you especially if you are a first time mom.You promise yourself that you will give her the best of everything and raise like a princess ; infact better than that. You make sure that she gets into the best school and is the best dressed kid in her circle. Brushing aside the sad feeling that when she grows up,she will move to some other place after getting married;you just want to make her a responsible and respectable young woman when she grows up.

I am a staunch believer of the fact that daughters are a blessing and those who have even one daughter are truly blessed as they are the most loveable and caring creatures on the earth. A daughter is her mother's best friend. Daughters have a strange emotional link with their parents. When my daughter hugs me, I feel like I am the  luckiest person to have such an adorable daughter. No matter how angry I am, my heart just melts when I am greeted by the cute smiling face of my daughter.

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Becoming a mother makes you super sensitive to things you wouldn't give a damn  before stepping into this world of motherhood. You find yourself shedding tears on the pain of those kids who you have never met but just saw their pics on television. The mere thought of a pain suffered by any kid makes a mother sad. Such is the unique feeling of being a mother.

Motherhood is no doubt the purest relation on this earth. My mother has supported me all my life and continues to do so. She is one relation who doesn't demand sorry from me even if I misbehave as I know she loves me more than I love her. And I hope to do the same for my daughter as we, the moms need to be a strong role models for our little girls so that they can proudly say to their kids that my mom loved me the most and I know that she was and would always be there for me!