Thursday, 20 March 2014

Thinking of redecorating your kid's room?

The first thing you hear when your preschooler makes fast friends at school and goes to her friend's house is the comparison between her room and her friend's room. You get to hear that your daughter's friend's room is a paradise consisting of everything while your daughter's room despite containing every luxurious toy is empty and looks tasteless. Now here is where we, moms get to play an important role. Five six year olds are innocent little beings and obviously you can't force them to understand that their room looks the best. Here are some things which we, the moms can do to bring a smile on our kid's face.
  • One thing to always remember is that a clutter free room will always look good and make the kids automatically  calm so make sure that all the tiny toys are packed in a toy box or are placed in some wall hanging.
  • Painting the room is an essential aspect especially when the walls are not as clean as they should be. I love feature walls and you can have them according to your and your kid's choice. You should always ask you kid when choosing the colour as the room is her place and also because such tiny things make your kid confident from the start and help in making her decisive.
  • There is no need to bring new toys for a new look of the room. Yes, occasionally you can buy your kids toys but not necessarily for revamping the room. Make sure to place the big toys your kid have in a good manner. You can place them near a rug so your kid can sit comfortably and play with them whenever he wants.
  • There should be always a study table and a chair in the room. You can liven it up with some nice mug with colourful pencils in it so that the child is automatically drawn towards it. I prefer study table with at least one drawer in it so that your little girl can place her pencil cases and art boxes in it.
  • A well organised closet is essential especially for hyper kids. They are always on the move and the least thing they want is their clothes scattered in the cupboard. This makes them cringy. I arrange my daughter's clothes  in hangers and her socks in the zipped plastic bags (these bags are the one in which kids' night suits are packed especially at next outlets) or in the bags in which bedsheets are packed.
  • A bed-sheet of kid's favourite character with a good comforter is a must for any kid's room. You can even have curtains of your daughter's favourite cartoon character in her room. Plain curtains of colour of your choice also look good considering that the room is already too full to have cartoons or prints on your curtains.
  • Walls can be adorned by hanging things like umbrella,bags and family photographs.