Monday, 22 December 2014

Unfathomable Tragedy!!

Like all moms, my heart mourns over the loss of innocent lives in Peshawar school attack.The sorrow   is deep also because I am a Pakistani. Also being a mother, I can  understand the feelings of a mother who nurtures her child right from the moment she conceives him till the last moment of her life. A mother's worries regarding her kids remain till the last breath of her life and imagine, if that very purpose of a mother's life is snatched from her, then a mother' s life becomes useless for her.
The more we watch the photographs of the beautiful children who were brutally murdered only because they were studying in an army governed institution,the more sorrowful we feel.
16 th Dec will always be remembered as a black day because many mothers lost their precious assets today! May Allah keep all the children of the world safe.Ameen