Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Success and Failure!

Photo courtesy: freedigitalphotos.net

World Cup fever came and is gone in just two games!We, Pakistanis, follow one sport keenly and that is cricket . No other game is as popular as cricket in our subcontinent region. World Cup 2015 glued everybody to their television screens here but the hope and the passion is all gone in the opening two games.

The first match against India even attracted the children. My six year old was as enthusiastic as any grown up to wake up at 7 am on Sunday to watch the match. But everyone's hopes were dashed to ground. But then it's just a game and failures teach you something that success can't . Infact failures pave the way towards your success but you have to stay steady in achieving your goal.

I always tell my daughter that sometimes rewards don't matter but effort matters. You always have to keep working hard to achieve your goal. I remember when I was in seventh grade and I was not selected in a debate competition that I so much wanted to participate in. I knew I had worked hard but I was not selected. I took it as a challenge and went straight to a teacher who was selected singers who could sing patriotic songs in the break. I got selected and went to the same debate competition ; obviously not for a debate but for a song. But the point is I thought of going to the contest and made it happen.Sometimes you do have to alter the path to achieve the same goal.

When you look at life, life is so full of stories that you only need to ponder on in order to make your children learn from your experience. So Happy thinking!:)