Saturday, 14 February 2015

Valentines day

Happy valentines day!
My husband and I don't believe much in celebrating valentines day while pouring out all your money from your pocket but wishing each other and celebrating a little don't do much harm. Life is incomplete without little happy moments.
My daughter has turned six year and so has started writing sentences . The sweetest gift we got from her today was a card with a note saying I love you mom and dad; you are my whole world. This is the cutest gift you can get as a parent.

On every valentines day since our daughter turned 3, we take her out with us on valentines day as this day is not only for couples but also for families as love has to be there in any family. This all comes from me while sitting in hospital's waiting area for my daughter's regular check up.
Wishing everyone a lovely day filled with all the happiness ,love and care.