Saturday, 9 May 2015

Happy Mother's Day!.... Love, Sacrifice and Technology

Today is Mother's Day : the much awaited day for mothers and also for kids. For mothers, obviously because if their kids utter one word of thank you , it elates the moms as mothers are devoid of selfishness and materialism ; they only know how to love their kids and I know this because my mother has been such a lady. From waking up in the wee hours of the morning to taking care of all of us ; she has been always there for all of us. No matter how circumstances were and are, she always supports us and not to say, gives the best piece of advice whenever you need to know one. I remember once I was in deep pain and only holding the hand of my mom lessened my pain: such is the connection between a mother and a child. My mother is one person in the world who won't judge us for our gifts; whether you gift her a small thing , she would cherish it as a token of our love.I love you mom!

Since I am also a mother of a little girl, I also received gifts and cards from her. She enthusiastically went with her aunt to the market to buy me some gifts. I do feel I am really lucky to have a doting mother as well as adorable and loving daughter in my life. My daughter makes sure to make me feel happy everyday. When I am angry at her, she quietly goes to the kitchen and picks up a tray and then bring a glass of water for me; all my anger vanishes at such cute acts.This Mother's Day, along with the gifts, she has made cute cards with heart melting words! I know she is the best daughter better than I was as I was not an expressive child . But the thing I don't know is that whether I am and would be as great mother my mom is  because matching the sacrifice level of mothers changes with every generation.

Sacrifice is a must for motherhood; infact it is a symbol of motherhood. I have seen my mom sacrificing her professional career for us . We, the present day moms, belong to such an era where technology has overpowered everything. We have our smartphones for browsing, whats app and facebook; we have put our kids in a perplex situation by getting too involved in technology. My daughter one day said to me , " Please mom, put your phone away" . It was indeed a reality check for me. Little kids get annoyed as what they want is a firsthand attention from their moms!. I really try to give her time but I know I won't be best as your grandmother as she is the best ever mom!Love you mom always:)