Saturday, 22 August 2015

August...a month of independence celebrations

As 14th august draws near , excitement of every Pakistani increases especially the kids. Markets are inundated with national flags, green badges , hair bands, headbands, green shirts and what not. If you have a kid at home, then there is no chance that he is going to spare you without buying these items.

My daughter ( by the grace of Allah Almighty) just turned seven and the first thing she wanted to do this august was buying clothes and badges for herself; and flag and other adornments for our home.Another thing that really inspires her is watching independence parade on tv. As your kids grow up, they make you realize that you should celebrate events with fervour while spreading happiness all around. Loving your country not only makes you patriotic but it does make you a better human; you start caring about little things which infact do matter a lot. Taking pride in yourself and your country is a thing which every child should be taught.

The festivity which 14 th August brings is also one of its kind. My daughter was getting sad as the day was ending because she wanted to celebrate 14th august to the fullest. She completed her celebrations by forcing us to show her illumination in the market and then going with her grandparents for a family dinner.The illumination at the buildings is one thing that is also a feature of Independence Day. Then you find Pakistani flag on almost every home all around your neighbourhood.Then there is famous Independence Day parade on Wagah border(border between India and Pakistani) where thousands of people gather to watch highly exuberant ceremony.The highly emotionally charged ceremony is also shown live on  television .

August marks Independence Day and also opening of schools after a long summer break.That makes it even more exciting for kids as new year of school means new school supplies for kids!So far August has been a busy busy month.