Thursday, 10 September 2015

Back to school ... New grade, New stuff and School lunch!

Schools have opened after a long summer break and my little one has just stepped into grade 2.  This year the settling into new class and with new teacher seemed much easier as compared to last year. The transition from preschool to grade 1 is a big moment for a child as the whole set up of toy classrooms changes and kids have to behave responsibly as they are no more preschool kids now.At each and every step they are told that you are now in grade one so be responsible . Once grade one is over, kids settle down and then it becomes easier for them to settle in new classes as they already know the rules.

The school routine has started with all the new stuff and of course that too all related to Frozen . One problem which every mother faces everyday is giving unique lunch which has to be  healthy and yummy too. My daughter asks from me every night as what I am going to give her for school lunch tomorrow. Though recipes on websites make it easy for today's mothers to look at the options yet preparing something different everyday that also attracts your kids apart from being healthy is a herculean task .

I would be posting some school lunch  recipes as I try them! Best of luck to every kid for a happy and successful school year ahead :)