Monday, 29 February 2016

Welcoming a new baby in winters

End of 2015 marked a special time for us as we welcomed our baby boy. Welcoming a second baby after seven years is similar to becoming first-time parents as you have to go through the same experience and feelings after being accustomed to your normal routine for so long. And especially,if  your first- born is a summer baby and second one a winter baby: it is an altogether different experience.

For me having a winter baby was difficult as compared to taking care of a summer baby. You always have to worry about baby catching a cold and especially if everyone around your home is getting sick, saving your baby from cold is an uphill task. Then God forbid if your baby catches a cold then Internet is there to scare you about your baby having whooping cough or something equally scary. Moreover, you get to hear different views from so many people regarding why your baby got cold and it all makes you more perturbed as what you should do and what you shouldn't .This all seems more frightening when you welcome a baby after many miscarriages and that makes you more paranoid.Thank God winters have almost passed now and spring is here ; and my baby is about two and a half months old now.And that's why I am back to blogging now!