Sunday, 8 May 2016

Mother's Day Special : You are a piece of star!:)

A mother is the most special person in our lives and we need no reminder for it. But sometimes these occasions give us and our loved ones an extra reason to celebrate and that puts more happiness into our lives.

This year I have been blessed with a son and so this was my first Mother's Day with two kids: one being seven year old and other a four month old infant. Though my daughter is very responsible, caring and loving but being a mother of two is not a piece of cake. Though motherhood is rewarding and I can't thank Allah enough for bestowing me with such an adorable family yet giving quality time equally to each kid sometimes becomes  challenging.But this is what this beautiful relation is all about.Now when I think about how my mom raised five of us ( me and my sibling) , I can't stop admiring her : we were all always immaculately dressed, our homework was always done on time, we ate on time and slept on time. This was all due to the selfless and the most loving person : my mom.

As my son is too young now so I don't know how expressive or how responsible my son would be but one thing is for sure that the way you nurture your kids play a vital role in their development. This is the card my daughter made for me and I was truly overwhelmed by the note she wrote for me : you are a piece of star.

The most special thing about this Mother's Day is that my daughter collected money to buy me a gift. She also bought gifts for both her grandmothers and her aunt, and that makes me extra happy because she realises that all these relations are also motherly relations in a child's life.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms,grand moms,aunts and kids !:)