Monday, 1 August 2016

Starting solids .. What to give and what not to give?

My baby just turned 7 months and it has been one month since I started solids. As he is my second baby, so of course experience comes along .

With my first baby, I gave rice Cerelac as the first food. This time I knew I am not going to do this as rice Cerelac gives the worst constipation to babies. I decided that this time I am not even going to touch Cerelac boxes ; infact I am going to give him fresh home food but soon after I discovered that he likes only yogurt and custard and these foods are not going to give him enough nutrition : he also needs a balanced food like Cerelac.

I did lots of experiments and made plenty of fruit and vegetable purees the first time I became mom but I realised soon that vegetables give babies colic and sometimes does not just suit them. People say you are relaxed when you become mom for second time but I have become more cautious and think a lot before introducing anything new to my seven month old.So this time I have only given him custard, yogurt , bread pudding and  Cerelac since there are no teeth now.

This time I am satisfied as far as vitamin d intake is concerned as the doctor has given my baby vitamin d drops. They help a lot in making baby's bones strong especially in babies that are breastfed. During my daughter's time, doctor missed it and the result was that my daughter started sitting at 10 months and walking at 1.4 years which is a little late as compared to other kids.

6-12 months of age is the most adorable as babies reach so many milestones in such a short time and you as a parent also get to know so much.Looking forward to posting more about such topics . Happy reading !