Saturday, 11 June 2016

Ramazan Mubarik! A month of Festivity, Patience and Kindness

Ramazan, the holy month is here . It is  my favourite month of the year. Infact, it is favourite month of almost all the Muslims  around the world. The reason being its significance , the  purity of soul one feels after  fasting the whole day and the rewards Muslims are promised by Allah for keeping the fasts .

Fast is not only prohibition from eating but it is actually  respecting others feelings too and making sure that no one gets  offended from you: in other words one has to  stay away from use of foul language or misbehaviour with anyone. In  Ramazan, the well-offs of the society have to pay 2.5 percent of their wealth to the needy or the poor . The whole 30 days of Ramazan are celebration: offices are shut down early so that everyone can say their prayers in mosque and avail the most of this month. In the last days of Ramazan, markets are thronged with people for the celebration of Eid which occurs after Ramazan and it is a gift from Allah to its people for displaying patience , kindness and empathy the whole month.

Though fasting is compulsory for all Muslims yet Allah is very kind to exempt elderly, sick, travellers , nursing and expecting mothers from fasting . As I am a mother of an infant too so this time I won't be fasting but I have to make up later  and of course I have to give food to a needy person for the month of Ramazan. Sehri ( the  time before dawn when we eat before keeping fast) and Aftar ( when we break fasts) are favourite time of my seven year old daughter. Obviously she doesn't fast as she is a kid but she loves breaking the fast with everybody as the dining table is full of items like dates, samosas, fruit chaat, sandwiches and dhoodh soda ( milk plus 7up).Then after  that , she offers prayers by herself and that is the most lovely part. Whenever she gets rude to anybody. I say it's Ramazan time and she cools down. What a blessed month it is!

Happy Ramazan everybody!:)

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Mother's Day Special : You are a piece of star!:)

A mother is the most special person in our lives and we need no reminder for it. But sometimes these occasions give us and our loved ones an extra reason to celebrate and that puts more happiness into our lives.

This year I have been blessed with a son and so this was my first Mother's Day with two kids: one being seven year old and other a four month old infant. Though my daughter is very responsible, caring and loving but being a mother of two is not a piece of cake. Though motherhood is rewarding and I can't thank Allah enough for bestowing me with such an adorable family yet giving quality time equally to each kid sometimes becomes  challenging.But this is what this beautiful relation is all about.Now when I think about how my mom raised five of us ( me and my sibling) , I can't stop admiring her : we were all always immaculately dressed, our homework was always done on time, we ate on time and slept on time. This was all due to the selfless and the most loving person : my mom.

As my son is too young now so I don't know how expressive or how responsible my son would be but one thing is for sure that the way you nurture your kids play a vital role in their development. This is the card my daughter made for me and I was truly overwhelmed by the note she wrote for me : you are a piece of star.

The most special thing about this Mother's Day is that my daughter collected money to buy me a gift. She also bought gifts for both her grandmothers and her aunt, and that makes me extra happy because she realises that all these relations are also motherly relations in a child's life.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms,grand moms,aunts and kids !:)

Monday, 29 February 2016

Welcoming a new baby in winters

End of 2015 marked a special time for us as we welcomed our baby boy. Welcoming a second baby after seven years is similar to becoming first-time parents as you have to go through the same experience and feelings after being accustomed to your normal routine for so long. And especially,if  your first- born is a summer baby and second one a winter baby: it is an altogether different experience.

For me having a winter baby was difficult as compared to taking care of a summer baby. You always have to worry about baby catching a cold and especially if everyone around your home is getting sick, saving your baby from cold is an uphill task. Then God forbid if your baby catches a cold then Internet is there to scare you about your baby having whooping cough or something equally scary. Moreover, you get to hear different views from so many people regarding why your baby got cold and it all makes you more perturbed as what you should do and what you shouldn't .This all seems more frightening when you welcome a baby after many miscarriages and that makes you more paranoid.Thank God winters have almost passed now and spring is here ; and my baby is about two and a half months old now.And that's why I am back to blogging now!

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Seventh birthday of my princess!

Recently we celebrated seventh birthday of our daughter. Arranging birthday is difficult when you have to accommodate both relatives and your child's friends in a party and that too if it is summer time as you cannot arrange it outdoors.

So we came to conclusion that we will have two birthdays: one at home for some of my daughter's friends and the other at restaraurant for our family. It became less tiring and more enjoyable for our daughter as she got to spend her birthday both with her friends and cousins.

This time I made goody bags myself as my daughter wanted Sofia the first 's goody bags and those goody bags available in the market were not of good quality. We bought sofia the first diaries, glitter pens, balloons , biscuits and candies for the filling of goody bags. Everyone appreciated them and I also loved making the goody bags with my daughter.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Back to school ... New grade, New stuff and School lunch!

Schools have opened after a long summer break and my little one has just stepped into grade 2.  This year the settling into new class and with new teacher seemed much easier as compared to last year. The transition from preschool to grade 1 is a big moment for a child as the whole set up of toy classrooms changes and kids have to behave responsibly as they are no more preschool kids now.At each and every step they are told that you are now in grade one so be responsible . Once grade one is over, kids settle down and then it becomes easier for them to settle in new classes as they already know the rules.

The school routine has started with all the new stuff and of course that too all related to Frozen . One problem which every mother faces everyday is giving unique lunch which has to be  healthy and yummy too. My daughter asks from me every night as what I am going to give her for school lunch tomorrow. Though recipes on websites make it easy for today's mothers to look at the options yet preparing something different everyday that also attracts your kids apart from being healthy is a herculean task .

I would be posting some school lunch  recipes as I try them! Best of luck to every kid for a happy and successful school year ahead :)

Saturday, 22 August 2015

August...a month of independence celebrations

As 14th august draws near , excitement of every Pakistani increases especially the kids. Markets are inundated with national flags, green badges , hair bands, headbands, green shirts and what not. If you have a kid at home, then there is no chance that he is going to spare you without buying these items.

My daughter ( by the grace of Allah Almighty) just turned seven and the first thing she wanted to do this august was buying clothes and badges for herself; and flag and other adornments for our home.Another thing that really inspires her is watching independence parade on tv. As your kids grow up, they make you realize that you should celebrate events with fervour while spreading happiness all around. Loving your country not only makes you patriotic but it does make you a better human; you start caring about little things which infact do matter a lot. Taking pride in yourself and your country is a thing which every child should be taught.

The festivity which 14 th August brings is also one of its kind. My daughter was getting sad as the day was ending because she wanted to celebrate 14th august to the fullest. She completed her celebrations by forcing us to show her illumination in the market and then going with her grandparents for a family dinner.The illumination at the buildings is one thing that is also a feature of Independence Day. Then you find Pakistani flag on almost every home all around your neighbourhood.Then there is famous Independence Day parade on Wagah border(border between India and Pakistani) where thousands of people gather to watch highly exuberant ceremony.The highly emotionally charged ceremony is also shown live on  television .

August marks Independence Day and also opening of schools after a long summer break.That makes it even more exciting for kids as new year of school means new school supplies for kids!So far August has been a busy busy month.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015


This is something I intended to post on Father's Day but was busy lately so saved the draft.

Where mother is a symbol of love, father is a source of inspiration and solution of all problems for kids. Especially in homes where role of a mother is determined as a housewife, a father stand as a successful person who has excelled in his career. For kids, father is a strong individual who earns for them and fights for their rights in the society.

For daughters, a father is a perfect person who makes them stand tall in the world. A father is a shade that protects you from the scorching heat of the world. A father is a person who makes sure that you get all the comfort in the world. This is all what I have seen in my father and I am sure this is all what my daughter sees in her father and my husband. Every daughter is a princess to her father and that is what makes this relation so special!